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About Us

Emco Door fulfill every wish in regard to configuration, equipment and customization. We have just the right door for every field of application, whether for utility rooms, chillers, freezers or deep-freezing rooms.

It goes without saying that cool it disposes over diverse dimensions and sizes and that we are naturally taking into account the respective installation situation. Your personal scopes for design in regard to material, colour and form as well as the optional technical components make our doors systems an outstanding, customized product which meets your very specific ideas and requirements.

To create special solutions we are exclusively partnered with cool it doors, whose development staff are constantly looking to broaden their horizons. After all, people who find unusual ways can also achieve special targets. But at the same time, cool it has a clear picture of the specific needs of the market. Only if we succeed in supplying specific solutions for specific problems, we and our customers will continue to be outstandingly successful. That is why we always cultivate a close dialogue with our partners and customers. The fact that we are listening carefully puts us in a position to bring to life the cool it motto: “practical design for practical use”.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • perfect door systems: outstanding product range and excellent product depth
  • individual and innovative system solutions
  • practice-oriented and user-friendly products
  • latest technologies and most modern production processes, materials of the highest quality
  • 'just-in-time-production' and 'right-in-time-delivery'
  • pan-European sales network
  • consultation, planning, production, assembly and maintenance from one source
  • comprehensive services without compromise

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